Available now from the PlayStation Store in North America for your PSP™, PS3 or Vita
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Battle the mysterious alien Nautilids and decide the fate of the planet Novus!

Star Hammer Tactics is a fast-paced tactical battle game that anyone can learn to play in minutes. Challenge the devious AI in single player mode, or compete against friends in local multiplayer.

Achieve victory by outwitting your opponents, and blasting them to little pieces!

Praise for Star Hammer Tactics:

"definitely worth a purchase." -thesixthaxis.com

"this is a Minis title that people should check out..." - pspenguin.net

"if you like strategy games you will like this..." -playitnews.co.uk


  • Engaging turn-based tactical battles : individually control each ship in your fleet
  • Easy-to-learn rules; learn to play in minutes!
  • Single-player campaign mode
  • Skirmish modes : create your own custom fleet, then duel against a friend in local multiplayer, or take on the challenging AI
  • Use missiles to devistate your enemy from afar, or engage in close quarters ship-to-ship combat!
  • Crisp graphics and sound!



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